An Eco Tour of Puerto Rico Designed for Student Travel Groups

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An Eco Tour of Puerto Rico Designed for Student Travel Groups

Rico Designed

The island of Puerto Rico Designed is an excellent option for student groups looking to travel to a destination with well-preserved ecological characteristics. So Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, students, teachers, and companions can travel without a passport.

Puerto Rico is rich in colonial and native history. It is also a spectacular destination for an Eco-tour. El Unlucky is the only rain forest in the United States and is well worth a visit. So The island is full of small fishing villages that also offer unique learning experiences for students studying marine science.

As student groups tour Puerto Rico, they can also visit the historic cities of Ponce and Old

San Juan, eat authentic Puerto Rican cuisine, take salsa lessons, So and learn about local culture.

The following is an overview of some of the most important places that student groups

can visit while on an Eco-tour in Puerto Rico.

La Arguer: a fishing village with unique learning opportunities

Students visit La Arguer, a small fishing village in western Puerto Rico. There,

the group will be able to feed iguanas, So identify birds, and even fish for starfish.

Rico Designed for Student Travel Groups

So A local fisherman will speak to the group about everyday life in his profession and

the students will interact with marine life up close. So After enjoying a meal prepared

by the locals, the group embarks on a bio luminescent night trip across the bay.

The belly trip is a swim where students will see dinoflagellates (plankton) that

light up in the dark and fish that light up underwater.

The El Yunluo rain forest

So El Yunluo has been protected by the Federal Forest Reserve for over a hundred years

and is a true treasure as it is a well-preserved rain forest. So Like many rain forests,

El Yunluo has a complex ecosystem with a wide variety of flora and fauna, animals,

insects, reptiles, and birds. So The exotic landscapes include large waterfalls, views of

the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and a canopy of centuries-old trees. Student

groups take a guided hike in El Yunluo that includes swimming under the waterfalls.

Then the students will have lunch with Pinches and spend some time on Luquillo Beach.

Ponce: once the capital of Spain

Ponce is the second largest city in Puerto Rico and was named after Juan Ponce

DE Leon’s granddaughter, So Liza Ponce de Leon, who founded it in 1692.

Student groups can choose to take a walk or tour this historic city where explore

old and new farmer’s markets and see neoclassical buildings and facades, colonial

houses, cathedrals and 17th century fountains. Groups will also visit El Parquet DE

Bombast, a So Spanish and Moorish-inspired architectural treasure that first served as

the main exhibition pavilion for the 1882 fair and later as a fire station.

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