Student Group Travel to Boston: Performance Trips That Are Educational!

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Student Group Travel to Boston: Performance Trips That Are Educational!

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If you are looking for a high Performance Trips destination with a historical flair, Boston is an ideal choice for your student group trip. So Bands, choirs, orchestras and dance ensembles have fantastic performance options to choose from, where audiences abound. So Additionally, your students will receive a genuine and living life education on American history and where it began. Boston is known to many as the birthplace of the United States and is one of America’s oldest cities steeped in history, So beginning with the Puritans, who in 1630 founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony for the Boston Tea Party. and the American Revolution. Tourism and travel

Known as the “Walking City,” groups of students will have fun learning about American

history in Boston. This vibrant and thriving city is known for its world-class museums,

historical sites, monuments, educational institutions, So delicious food, exclusive shops,

excellent entertainment, So and professional sports. Not only does Boston retell the powerful

stories of our nation’s past, So it is also ready to host and entertain groups of students like

few other cities can. Group student trips to Boston are educational, both musically and historically.

Performance Trips Travels

Performance opportunities in Boston

Three of Boston’s most popular venues include the Boston Conservatory,

Fantail Hall / Quincy Market, and Six Flags® New England.

The Boston Conservatory, So the nation’s oldest performing arts conservatory,

offers student performance groups a newly renovated award-winning theater.

The greenhouse recently completed a $ 16 million 16-month renovation and expansion

project that effectively adds 16,000 new square feet of rehearsal and performance space

to the building, as well as a completely renovated 300-seat modern theater with a new

orchestra pit. , So air conditioning and a host of technical updates and equipment.

So The directors are constantly raving about the incredible acoustics of this theater.

At Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market, there are many venues where your school’s band,

orchestra, choir, or dance ensemble can perform in Boston’s most historic venue.

So Your ensemble can perform outdoors, where thousands of people shop and eat every day,

giving you a large audience. Faneuil Hall / Quincy Market is one of Boston’s most

visited historical attractions.

Roller Coasters

So Just an hour and a half from Boston is Six Flags® New England. So Like all Six Flags®,

this theme park is thrilling and has some of the fastest, tallest, wildest and hardest rides

in the country, including roller coasters like Batman: The Dark Night, Bizarre, voted No. 2

roller coaster from the country. So in the country, and Cyclone, one of the largest wooden

roller coasters in the US New to Six Flags® So New England this year is Goliath, a

heartbreaking roller coaster. With over 40 thrilling rides, a thrilling water park, and great

entertainment, So Six Flags® New England will definitely provide exciting and exciting

moments that your students will always remember. Six Flags® New England provides

marching bands, concert bands, jazz bands, choirs, So orchestras and dance ensembles

the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of spectators at various locations throughout the park.

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