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Student Travel

Student Travel – Are you a student who wants a fun vacation but is worried about how much money it will cost? It’s time for you to discover that student travel today is big business for many tour operators, some of whom even offer work experiences that can take you exploring the world. When it…
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Science Trip

Take Student Travel Groups on a Science Trip to Washington DC

Student Science Trip group leaders and teachers often bring school groups to Washington D.C. about history and government travel. So The capital of our country has a rich history and the executive, legislative and legal branches of the government are located in the center. So This makes the trip to Washington D.C. perfect for studying…
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Student Group Travel,

Student Group Travel to New Orleans

Jambalaya Student Group Travel, Cajun Hospitality, and Great Music! This is what will greet each group of students as they arrive in So New Orleans or ‘Alvin’s (as the locals fondly refer to their city). Ranked # 1 in ten categories in Travel & Leisure Magazine’s 2009 Survey of America’s Favorite Cities, So The People…
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Performance Trips

Student Group Travel to Boston: Performance Trips That Are Educational!

If you are looking for a high Performance Trips destination with a historical flair, Boston is an ideal choice for your student group trip. So Bands, choirs, orchestras and dance ensembles have fantastic performance options to choose from, where audiences abound. So Additionally, your students will receive a genuine and living life education on American…
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Philadelphia Art Tour Designed for Student Travel Groups

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, is also a place where art flourishes. So There are so many different options for art students when exploring this particular city. I designed this selective art venue tour in Philadelphia for students traveling for educational purposes. So These five art institutions are major museums in Philadelphia, representing the…
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New York City That Appeal to Student Travel Groups

Student groups Appeal traveling to New York City this fall or next spring would like to reserve for a fun and entertaining night on Broadway. A I have planned many different types of trips (art trip, educational trips, history, music festival) to New York City. So I want to make some recommendations for Broadway shows that…
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Educational Student

Educational Student Travel Groups Participate

I regularly bring Educational Student groups of undergraduates to Orlando Florida and have been doing so for the past 24 years. So I find that the educational experience students have is greatly enriched when a Disney YES program is on the itinerary. Disney YES programs are short for Youth Education Series. So All programs are…
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Rico Designed

An Eco Tour of Puerto Rico Designed for Student Travel Groups

The island of Puerto Rico Designed is an excellent option for student groups looking to travel to a destination with well-preserved ecological characteristics. So Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, students, teachers, and companions can travel without a passport. Puerto Rico is rich in colonial and native history. It is also…
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Group Dance

A Student Group Dance Trip to New York City

New York how good they named it twice New York City is known Group Dance as one of the most popular student group destinations in the United States and offers a sense of excitement and match value. So Student groups can immerse themselves in New York City for five minutes and see why it is…
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New York City

A New York City Tour Designed for Educational Group Travel

New York City is known for the number of artists who live and work there and the quality of the art that is displayed in museums and galleries. So In this article, I’ll provide some details on the highlights of a New York City art tour designed for students to enhance their curriculum. The Metropolitan…
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